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Do You Have a Pinball Machine for Sale?

So you’ve been living the pinball life for a while. Having your friends over, having a couple drinks maybe? For sure playing lots of pinball. I mean, that’s what pinball life is about, right?

Now that used pinball machine is collecting dust. You play it once in awhile, but for the most part it’s in the basement collecting dust. Get that used pinball machine out of your basement and into our showroom! If you have a pinball machine for sale, let Great American Pinball take a look.

We all know that we can go to craigslist to sell our unwanted goods, but with how big and heavy a pinball machine is, you’re probably not going to be hauling it out on your own to meet in a “safe space.” You’ll have to invite strangers into your home so they can take a look at the machine. While you’ll be safe for the most part, there’s always a feeling of unease that comes with letting strangers into the home. This is why Great American Pinball is a great choice when you have a pinball machine for sale. We are professional and insured. You can feel safe working with us.

We want to make sure that we can provide the very best used pinball machines at our showroom. Great American Pinball looks at these when making a decision on paying for a used pinball machine.

  • Condition - Obviously, this is a huge concern. We need to see just how good this machine looks. Some things that detract from a used pinball machine are: scratches in the glass, dents in the cabinet or armor, wear on the playfield, mold or moisture from sitting in a damp basement. While this is not everything we look at, it’s a good start to get you thinking about the condition of your pinball machine.

  • Mechanical/board Issues - Does everything work excellently? Are the flippers strong or have they weakened with age? Do all the lights work? Do all the toys on the playfield function as intended? These are just some things that we look at when assessing a machine.

  • Last Time it was Shopped Out - Have you had someone work on the machine recently? That’s great to know! It’s probably in great condition then.

  • Cash or Trade - When you’ve got a pinball machine for sale, we want to know if you’re looking for cash in hand or if you’re looking to apply it to a new purchase. Are you done living that pinball life? If so, you’ll find our prices very competitive. But we’re always happy to take a trade in to apply toward a new machine. Maybe you’ve got an old Bally pinball machine for sale. Let’s apply that toward a new in-box machine so you don’t have to worry about maintenance.

  • Rarity - Rarity will always play into what you can get for a pinball machine. Is your machine a collector’s item like one of our Custom Pinball Machines? Or is it a new Stern machine that’s still being produced? This will affect the price you can get on a used pinball machine.

  • Family Friendly - At Great American Pinball, we really want machines that the whole family can play. We started playing pinball as kids and fell in love. We we want to pass that love down to a new generation, so we try to keep all the pinball machines in our shop family friendly.

Great American Pinball takes all these things into consideration when purchasing your used pinball machine. We want the best machines for our shop, and are happy to put the work in to get your used machine in its best working order.

We’ve been in business since 1999, and have been an insured LLC since 2016. You can trust us to safely pick up your used pinball machine and give you a great price for it.

If you’d like to sell Great American Pinball a used pinball machine, fill out the contact form on our We Buy Used Machines page. Or if you’d like to see some of our used machines, check our Used Pinball Machines page. As always feel free to reach out to us directly at

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