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Pinball Machines for Corporate Breakrooms or Gamerooms

New and Unique

Many corporations are trying to think of ways to offer better benefits to their employees. While relatively low cost, a game room can be a great way to improve morale and even improve productivity! Studies show that employees that are happier at the work place are more productive than unhappy employees. One thing corporations are doing are installing game rooms furnished with a lounge area, couches, ping pong tables, air hockey table, pinball machines and arcade games. They are also providing gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox to play on their break.  Corporations with game rooms are telling us that their employees are arriving to work early, enjoying a productive day of work and at times stay later to finish the job. Employee's view the work place as an extension of their home, thus making them happier making them more productive.  

Pinball at Work
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