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Sports Pinball Machines

Buying a sports pinball machine is a great choice for a family. These pinball machines are usually more about the actual sport and are less likely to have adult themes. It’s also a great way to get a child or grandchild introduced into the world of pinball. It gives them one sport that they are already familiar with and lets them learn a bit more about the silver ball.

Best Sports Pinball Machines

Sports pinball machines have been a popular theme for decades. Many manufacturers have made some of the best pins. Here is a list of some of our favorite sports themed pins.

No Fear: Dangerous Sports | Williams

No Fear: Dangerous sports is all about being extreme. That’s why the only sports they showcase are extreme sports. Think riding dirt bikes at ridiculous speeds that no person should really do. That’s what this one’s about. But it’s a great pin that’s totally safe. There are magnetic ball jumps and even a talking skull on the playfield.

Big Hurt | Gottlieb

Big hurt is a three flipper game that is a thrill to play. It is named after the original Big hurt, Frank Thomas and features his likeness on the translight. Going with the baseball theme, there’s a baseball diamond directly in the center of the playfield. Players also have to be aware of the moving catchers mitt. Help Frank Thomas get as many homeruns as he can before he strikes out. Remember, it’s three strikes and you’re out!

NBA Fast Break | Bally

NBA Fast Break is a great game for those who are into basketball. It’s got nods to all the teams that were in the NBA at the time. But it also offers really solid gameplay. The hoop is in the center of the playfield surrounded by four ramps to allow you to score big! As a special feature, this pinball machine could even be linked to another machine so two players can go head to head. This one is a great challenge for advanced players, but it’s still simple enough for the beginners out there.

Space Jam | Sega

While Jordan may be best knows for his Nike or Hanes commercials, no one can forget the memorable performance he game in the film Space Jam. This pinball machine has a great flow and some really satisfying shots. It’s also got a magnetic backboard that lets you get that game winning slam dunk!

Champion Pub | Bally

This is a bit of a stretch when it comes to theme, but Champion Pub is about boxing in a 1920’s bar. It’s a kind of bare knuckle bout where you can get in some training or go straight to the fight. There’s a speed bag mini-playfield where players use fists instead of flippers to practice. There’s also a jump rope section where you can control when the ball “jumps” by using the flipper buttons. In all, this game is great for when you want to sit down with a pint.

Fish Tales | Williams

Fish Tales lets players experience the excitement of reeling in that big catch. Center playfield features the front of a boat and has two ramps that criss-cross each other. And of course it features a multiplier for the size of your fish! Are you going to tell the truth, or are you gonna say it was “this big?”


All in all, sports pinball machines have proven to be very popular throughout the years. This might be why modern manufacturers are still choosing to make them! If you’d like to get a sports themed pinball machine, check our selection above or reach out to us directly.

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