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Pinball Machine Restoration

Here at Great American Pinball we take great pride in servicing Pinball Machines and Arcade games in the Chicagoland area. We also work with customers on pinball machine trade ins for upgrading to new pinball machines.


As you will see in the refurbishing process outlined below, we dedicate time and effort to produce a high quality service that is Professional, Reliable, Dependable and the best in the Midwest.



Pinball Restoration Service

We spend between 20 to 40 hours reconditioning our machines to perform the way they were suppose to play right from the factory. Please note when buying anything used that there might be cosmetic imperfections due the games being played on route. We will touch up most imperfections and note these imperfections in our description of the game. Take some time to read over our refurbishing process and if you have any questions about our Service or Refurbishing Process, please reach out to us by using one of the inquire buttons below.

Service Rates:

  • General Pinball Service - (Mechanical) - $125.00 per hour, if drive is more than 20 min there is a 85.00 dollar charge.

  • In Shop Pinball Service - (Mechanical) - $95.00 per hour excluding parts.

  • In Home Cleaning Service- (Non Mechanical) - $95.00 per hour including parts. Service includes - cleaning and polishing of playfield, replacement of bulbs, new rubber kit, and cleaning and flaming of plastics.

  • In Shop Refurbishing Service (See process below) - $1000-2500 depending on machine. Rates can be higher depending on the condition of the machine.

Pinball Shop
Pinball Restoration
Pinball Restoration

Refurbishing a pinball machine is a long and tedious process and if done right will produce a machine, which will look great, is reliable and provide years of pleasure. Thanks for taking the time to read through the refurbishing process and we hope you feel confident in purchasing one of our quality refurbished pinball machines.

  • Step 1. Turn on pinball machine & check for errors at startup. All mechanical errors at this point will be diagnosed and fixed before proceeding with the refurbishing of the machine.

  • Step 2. Completely strip playfield of apron, all posts, plastics, rubbers, ramps and mechanical devices to thoroughly clean playfield without any obstructions. (This is no wipe down process!)

  • Step 3 . Playfield is then polished with Great American Pinball compounds. 3 step polishing process using cut 3, then cut 2 then cut 1 polishing compounds. Playfield is then buffed to a glossy shine.

  • Arcade Game Restoration

  • Step 4. Clean all ramps, plastics and posts with Novus 1,2 & 3 and then flame polish plastics and ramps to take out scratches.

  • Step 5. Rebuild Jet poppers with new popper skirts, springs, bodys and caps, as well as rebuild flippers with new flipper rebuild kits.

  • Step 6. Repopulate playfield with new bulbs, star posts, rubbers, hex nuts, screws, foam backing on targets and reassemble topside of game.

  • Step 7. Clean backglass, replace burnt out bulbs and touch up any cabinet nick and scratches with acrylic, or enamel paints.

  • Step 8. Re-stain inside of cabinet and head jet black as well as respray coin door jet black if necessary.

  • Step 9. Game will be outfitted with new legs, leg levelers, balls, leg bolts and playfield glass. If your game has dented side rails, your game can be fitted with new side rails at the cost of the rails + labor.

  • Step 10. Game is again tested for a final inspection to ensure the game is functioning properly and then packaged for shipment. (See shipping for details).

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