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Pinball Machine Setup

So, you've taken the plunge and purchased your very first pinball machine. Now you're staring at a huge box and not much closer to actually playing your pinball machine.

Fear not! We've got you covered. Take a look at our helpful video detailing how to set up a pinball machine.


In this video from Great American Pinball we unbox and set up a Guardians of the Galaxy pinball machine by Stern Pinball. In our first How-To video we go through how to take a pinball machine from the box, all the way to playing your first game. We even show you how to set the pinball machine to free play.


While Great American Pinball is the premiere retail outlet to get your Stern Pinball, Chicago Gaming Company, and American Pinball games, we have gotten a lot of requests for information on how to set a pinball machine up. While we offer white glove service when we deliver and set up a new or used pinball machine, We also ship many machines out of state. We decided to create this video to show someone who may be ordering a new pinball machine from us just how easy it is for you to set up your own pinball machine.


Probably the most daunting part of setting up a pinball machine is the weight. While pinball machines weight anywhere from 250 lbs or up, remember that you’ll never be lifting the full weight of the machine when you set one up. For the most part, you use leverage to work with the machine. But if the weight of the pinball machine is a concern to you, a friend to help is always nice.


Jason from Great American Pinball shows you how to set up a pinball machine. He starts with a new, in-box pinball machine and shows how to take your pinball machine out of the box and set it up. You only need two tools: a 5/8ths socket or wrench and a sharp knife. You will need a stool or a friend to help you prop the back of the pinball machine while you put the legs on. Otherwise, it is very easy to set up a pinball machine by yourself.


This Guardians of the Galaxy pinball machine is available on our website:


If you’d like to see some gameplay of this Guardians of the Galaxy pinball machine, you can see it here:


Check the Guardians of the Galaxy page on Pinside:

We also have some handy flyers that detail how to set up your very first pinball machine. In a matter of time, you'll be playing like a champion.

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