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Racing Pinball Machines

It seems that a lot of car enthusiast are also really into pinball. Maybe it’s the tinkerer’s spirit that brings the two hobbies together. It’s for certain however that cars and pinball go together really well.


Here’s a list of some of our favorite racing pinball machines.


Mustang | Stern Pinball

Mustang is a 2014 racing pinball machine from Stern Pinball. It was a game that had easy rules to follow. The rules would go deeper and deeper though, so advanced players can still play and not get bored. The ramp on the playfield moves into both up and down positions. You should also shot around the playfield to collect parts and customize your Mustang.

Corvette | Bally

Another classic racing pinball machine. Corvette allows you to drag race with a competitor corvette. It also features an engine on the left hand side of the playfield. The engine revs and shakes as you play the game. The point of the game is to collect all nine cars on the playfield. You do this by completing modes. There are three video modes, as well as a couple multiball modes. The complexity of the game makes it a great one to play and a lot of fun.

NASCAR | Stern Pinball

NASCAR from Stern is a rather unique game in that the ball launch circles around the playfield. It mimics the NASCAR racetrack. It also has an identical playfield to another race game, Grand Prix. This game has many nods to NASCAR like car trailers and pit stops. This is a fun, fast game that builds up speed, pardon the pun.

High Speed | Williams

High Speed allows players to run from the cops, of course from the safe confines of a pinball machine. High Speed features an alphanumeric display, a police light topper, and it was the first pinball machine to have an original score. They made not only the music for this game, but the software engineer of the game provided the engine sounds from his very own Firebird. The playfield layout is built for speed too. It’s a very fun game to play and one that has stood the test of time so well that they made a sequel.

High Speed II: The Getaway | Williams

And speaking of sequels, “The Getaway” is a direct sequel to High Speed. It built upon the speed by incorporating a magnetic supercharger. The supercharger can even hold multiple balls, so it charges up your multiball mode for big points. This game also has great graphics and a bright playfield. The actual gear shift on the front is used to launch your ball, as well as shift gears to help you escape from the cops.

Checkpoint | Data East

Checkpoint was actually the very first pinball machine to use the “new” dot-matrix-display (DMD). This was groundbreaking at the time as it allowed manufacturers to produce more than just numbers in the display. They could make moving images and eventually manufacturers would be able to create video modes for their pinball machines. The game itself is also gorgeous. It has a mirrored back glass that just shines, and the art package looks great. On top of all that, it is an affordable and great playing game.

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