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Trade in your Old Pinball Machine for a New Machine

Great American Pinball is happy to deal in both new and used pinball machines. We love so many of the new features that modern manufacturers are implementing in their new machines, but we also have a soft spot for the old classic pinball machine.  


No doubt you’ve you’ve played many titles that you look back on fondly, but maybe you’ve mastered your own pinball machine.  Have you considered trading in your old pinball machine for a new pinball machine. At GAP, we’ll take your trade in and credit it towards the purchase of a new or used pinball machine. Whether you’ve had a pinball machine for one month or twenty years, We’ll consider it as a trade in.

Trade in a Pinball Machine?


It might seem like a strange idea if you’re looking for a new machine, but many pinball players come to us and say they can barely fit another machine in their game room. If you only have room for one or if you already have many pinball machines, you can consider trading it for a great deal on a new machine. GAP offers fair pricing on trade ins, so you can trade with confidence.


Trading in your used pinball machine can help save you money too. As an online business, we only charge state tax to customers in our state. Trading in a used machine will lower the final price of your new pinball machine saving you money on taxes.

What’s the Trade in Process?

Trading in a machine is easy. Once we come to terms on what your used game is worth, we will deduct that amount from your new machine’s invoice. The used machine price gets subtracted from your total amount due. There’s no money jockeying, you just pay a discounted rate for your new machine.


We will come pick up your used machine when we deliver and set up your new machine. If you’re out of state, we’ll have your machine shipped to us and we’ll send out your new machine. It’s that easy.

Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball
Used Indiana Jones Pinball.png

What’s GAP Looking For in a Trade In?

We’ll consider trade ins of all kinds. Some of our favorites are Bally or Williams pinball machine, but we’ll consider anything you have. Even if you have cool, nostalgic art or antiques, let us know or send us some pictures. We are always interested in adding interesting pieces to our showroom!


So If you have an old pinball machine or other memorabilia, give us a call at (630) 447-0944 or send us an email at You can also fill out the form below and we'll get back to you.

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