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Powder Coating

Powder Coating a Pinball Machine

Powder coating is one thing that can really add the"Wow" factor to your pinball machine. At Great American Pinball, we specialize powder coating hinges, lockdown bars, legs and side rails to add that special bling to your pinball machine. When you purchase one of our Powder coated kits, you will receive everything you need to make your machine look stellar! Just be sure you purchase the correct kit for you machine. If you're unsure of which kit to purchase, just contact us and we will be sure you get what you need.

Make a Custom Pinball Machine for Yourself!

Replacing the worn armor on your pinball machine is a great way to make it look brand new again. We sell powdercoating kits for your new Stern pinball machines or for your old Bally or Williams pinball machines.

Our powder coating kits come with everything you will need to update the armor on your pinball machine. When you order the kit, you'll receive:

  • 1 lockdown bar

  • 2 side armors

  • 2 hinges

  • 4 legs

PowderCoating Makes a Reliably Strong Surface

Applying a powder coating to a metal surface is a bit more involved than just spraying it with a rattle can. Powdercoating works much the same way that a glazed surface does on a ceramic cup.


The powdercoater magnetically charges the metal surface. Then the powdercoat material is sprayed on. The whole part is heated to super hot temperatures and the finish actually liquifies. This gives a very uniform surface that is extremely strong after it cures.


Advantages of Powdercoating a Surface

While powder coating does look fantastic, it is actually a very utilitarian way of protecting your pinball parts.

Some of the advantages of powder coating are:

  • Powder coating contains so solvents and is much more environmentally friendly when compared to other finishing types.

  • A Powder coated surface can be much thicker than other finishes. When spraying traditional paints can lead to overspray and sagging, powdercoating produces a beautifully uniform surface.

  • Powdercoating allows for more specialty effects than other traditional surface coatings.

  • The curing time is significantly decreased when powder coating is used.

It’s easy to see why we like using powder coating here at Great American Pinball. Our preassembled sets are a great way to dress up your pinball machine. If you have specialty items that you’d like to have powdercoated, feel free to contact us to inquire about pricing.

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