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American Pinball Pinball Machines

Great American Pinball is pleased to announce our partnership with American Pinball! We have been distributing for American Pinball for a number of years now. 


We were very pleased with the game play and beauty of their very first pinball machine, Houdini: Master of Mystery. Their first pinball machine received great response from many crowds at pinball shows and conferences. If Houdini is any indicator of what's to come from American Pinball, it's safe to say they'll be making great contributions to the pinball world.

Their second game, Oktoberfest: Pinball on Tap was another great addition to their stock of games. American Pinball once again showed that they can design a stellar game that grabs players by all their senses. From the awesome soundtrack to their animations, Oktoberfest is sure to be a hit!

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