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Sci-Fi Pinball Machines

Sci-Fi Pinball Machines

There are so many people who love science fiction. The thought of flying through space or meeting other forms of life can tantalize some. It’s no wonder why sci fi pinball machines have been a popular choice for many. For some, it combines two great loves.

Star Wars | Data East

Data East made an unforgettable game in Star Wars.

Alien | Heighway

Alien is a somewhat controversial game, but is a blast to play. The machine is increadably solidly built and even incorporates an lcd screen into the playfield itself. It’s such a nice quality of life improvement so you don’t even have to look up from the game to see what is going on on the monitor.

Star Trek: The Next Generation | Williams

Whether you are a fan of Kirk or Picard, I think we can all agree that The Next Generation is one of the best Sci-Fi pinball machines you can get your hands on. It features two spaceship themed cannons above the slingshots. It’s got a huge wire frame that runs the entire length of the playfield, and many other awesome features. There’s even voice acting from the original cast that’s been embedded in the game.

Twilight Zone | Bally

People love this pinball machine. There are few games that are as popular as Twilight Zone. Based off the original television show, this pin incorporates many of the characters and themes you’d see in the show. You can find a gumball machine that gives out a ceramic “power ball,” and many other features. An upper playfield and magnet flippers make this game fun and tricky at the same time. If you’ve never played Twilight Zone, you owe it yourself to find one. At GAP, we’ve even modded out own to be completely Black and White

Attack From Mars Remake | Chicago Gaming

Pinball doesn’t get much more Sci-Fi than this. Attack from Mars was originally made as an unlicensed game, but coincidentally came out around the same time as the film Mars Attacks. The Original Attack from Mars was such a well received game that Chicago Gaming Company produced a remake of the game that is extremely true to the original. Even today, AFM is one of Pinside’s top pinball machines.

TRON | Stern Pinball

This pinball machine is modeled after the film TRON: Legacy and includes many of the stars from the film on the playfield. Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde are upfront on the playfield. And you can hear sound clips from the film and the original score created by musical group Daft Punk. Relive Light Bike battles and defeat CLU before he is able to escape to the real world.

Dialed In | Jersey Jack Pinball

Jersey Jack took some big steps when they produced this game. Dialed In has a California Earthquake theme, but it’s made for everyone. It’s also the very first pinball machine to include Bluetooth connectivity and a camera. Dialed In will actually connect to your cell phone to include additional features. This is also a first in pinball. Included in the package is a huge LCD monitor and a ton of features on the playfield. Many players say Dialed In was a crazy success.

Star Wars Episode I | Williams Pinball

Episode I is a very interesting game. It is the second and last “Pinball 2000” tabel that came out. Williams closed shortly after producing Episode I, so it’s difficult to figure out how successful it would have been. Pinball 2000 integrated a television screen that would reflect off the glass of the cabinet. This made Pinball 2000 like a cross between a video game and a pinball machine. It’s truly one of the most unique game you can get.


Sci-Fi pinball can be a great theme for families as well. Classic man-vs-aliens themes have been around for a very long. They are likely to stick around too.

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