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Pinball Machine Themes


At Great American Pinball, we love pretty much every pinball machine. New and old alike, each game has some kind of charm or something to love. To this end, we’ve cobbled together a list of pinball machine themes.


Many first time pin owners get quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of pinball machines. Our first suggestion for someone looking for their first machine is to look for a favorite theme. A pinball machine is something that you’re going to hang on to for a good long time. You had better make certain that you’re going to like looking at it.


Pinball machines are investments that you make not only with money, but quality time. You play pinball with your friends, neighbors, and family. Be sure you pick the right pin for your needs. If you know children won’t be around, you can get yourself a more adult game like The Walking Dead or Metallica. If you know that your friends are big fans of science fiction, Star Trek The Next Generation or Attack From Mars might be the ticket.


Whatever theme you choose, be sure it will suit your needs. If you’re not sure what you need, we’re here to help you made up your mind.


What Different Pinball Themes Are There?

Check the different themes that we commonly have available below if you need some suggestions for great pinball machines.


  • Rock and Roll Pinball Machines - Stern Pinball has been producing many rock and roll themed pinball machines just sound fantastic. You can even find some amazing rock pins from older manufacturers.

  • Super Hero Pinball Machines - Superhero pins have been around for a long time, and it looks like their not going to stop anytime soon.

  • Sports Pinball Machines - Sports pins are great for families. Many people also choose to reskin their pinball machine with their favorite sports team. It’s an easy way to make the game completely yours.

  • Sci-Fi Pinball Machines - The science fiction genre spans so many different titles and brands. They’re fun games that take your imagination for a trip!

  • Racing Pinball Machines - Racing pins are the ultimate for speed junkies.

  • Classic Pinball Machines - Classic pinball machines are for everyone. These are games that might have some age, but are still fan favorites.

  • Car Pinball Machines - There seems to be a connection between pinball collectors and car collectors. Maybe they just like collecting.

  • Family Themed Pinball Machines - Some pins are made specifically for adults. Some games are scary or contain adult themes. Our Family Friendly pins are meant to be played by even the youngest members of the house.

Even More Pins


Of course there are many more themes than just this, but here’s a great start. These are common themes for pinball machines that you’ll be able to find in our shop. While we might not have every pin that you’ll see, we do commonly get popular machines and our stock is always rotating. Check out our selection of new or used pinball machines to see which one might be a great fit at your home.

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