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Tilt Graphics Custom GameBlades

What are GameBlades™?
They're repositionable inner cabinate decals designed to extend the visual game play of your favorite pinball machines. They're made with industry leading materials and designed and crafted by seasoned professionals.

The Air-Egress technology allows trapped air to escape almost instantly for time-saving application. Vinyl is easily repositionable and is ideal for use with Eco-Solvent inkjet printers.

Great American Pinball is happy to announce we are now an authorized dealer of Tilt Graphics GameBlades™. These GameBlades™ are sharp and add a great level of depth to your pinball machine. When you’re looking for custom pinball parts and custom pinball mods, Great American Pinball goes to great lengths to get you only the best.


Tilt Graphics’ GameBlades™ are pieces of art that you can use to add a touch of beauty to your pinball machine. These art blades, or skin baldes, are easy to install and made in the United States.


The easiest way to install these GameBlades™ is to remove your playfield so you have complete access to to your inner cabinet. You then take the GameBlades™ and simply remove the paper backing. Your GameBlade™ is basically a giant sticker now! Just position it correctly and press it to your inner cabinet. That is how easy it is to install!


The best part of installation is that if you make a mistake, these GameBlades™ are repositionable. It’s easy to take the GameBlades™ off and make your fit more correct. Once the GameBlades™ are in position correctly, simply put your playfield back into place and enjoy the beauty of your pinball machine!


GameBlades™ from Tilt Graphics are American made of air-ingress vinyl that allows them to be repositionable for the perfect fit. No worries about messing up the installation because you can take as many tries as you need. Because these art blades are repositionable, you can make sure it gets done right.


Now, we do suggest you get an extra pair of hands when placing these. The only reason we say that is because you might need someone to hold the playfield. Most wiring harnesses in a pinball machine only have enough clearance to take the playfield out about two feet. This is more than enough room to work, but you might be a little more comfortable working if you knew the playfield was being held on a sturdy surface. You can rest the complete playfield on the front of your pinball cabinet, and with someone holding it in place you can be sure it’s not going to fall.


Really, taking the playfield out of your pinball machine is the hardest part. But again, the playfield does not need to come out completely. If you’re able to work within the physical restraints of the machine, Tilt makes it easy to make your pinball machine look the best it can.


With how affordable these custom art decals for pinball are, there’s no reason not to install them. And knowing that Tilt Graphics has made art blades for pinball machines that are easy to work with can give you piece of mind. We can install them, so that means you can install them.


If you have any other questions about our selection of artistic inside-panels or any of Tilt Graphics’ pinball decals, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

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