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Rock and Roll Pinball Machines

When it comes to the world of pinball, there are few themes that are as popular as Rock and Roll. If you’re looking for a rock and roll pinball machine, Great American Pinball is the place to get them. We have the best new and used selection of new and used pinball machines, and the largest showroom in the Midwest. Check out our selection of rock and roll pinball machines.

Rock and Roll Pinball Machines

This page has all of our rock and roll pinball machines. New and used, there are so many to choose from. You’ll find out available machines above, but here are a list of some of our favorite rock and roll pinball machines.


The Who’s Tommy Pinball Wizard | Data East

While The Who have actually had two pinball machines put out about their rock opera Tommy, The Data East version grabs players attentions. From the blinders that cover the flippers (since Tommy plays pinball by touch, not sight) to the awesome soundtrack taken from The Who’s own work, This machine is an awesome experience. Not only does this three flipper game pack in the fun, it’s also got a video mode that lets you go on a bombing run and shoot down enemy planes.

AC/DC | Stern Pinball

AC/DC is a game that has proved very popular for Stern. It was originally introduced in 2012. Stern put it in the vault shortly after. While they have been releasing numerous editions of the game throughout the years, They have just now decided to end it’s run. Grab an AC/Dc Pinball machine while you can. Who knows when Stern will open up the vault again?

Iron Maiden | Stern Pinball

Iron Maiden is a newer pinball machine, but it’s become a fan favorite. Its quick loopy gameplay is sure to keep you engaged. It’s also got four flippers and an awesome ruleset. Combine that with great graphics both on cabinet and on screen and you’ve got an awesome pinball machine.


Throw in twelve Iron Maiden Songs on top of those features, and this package is tough to beat!

Elvis | Stern Pinball

While it’s not quite as new as Iron Maiden, Elvis is also a fan favorite. The pinball machine plays all the songs you know and love. It’s also a great pin to have for a young family.


You’re sure to be entertained by the dancing Elvis figure that shakes his hips and brings the microphone to his lips in sync with the actual songs. But this machine isn’t just about looking good. It offers great game play too! It offers four flippers, a magnet and a number of multiballs.

Metallica | Stern Pinball

Stern’s Metallica ranks number eight in Pinside’s top 100 best pinball machines. It’s easy to see why so many pin enthusiasts enjoy it so much. Not only does this machine belt out twelve of Metallica’s best hits, it’s also got voice acting from the actual members of the band. That’s right, Metallica actually recorded the vocal work for this machine.


Combine that with awesome gameplay, Sparkey won’t be the only one asking you to stop!

Guns N Roses | Data East

Gun N Roses from Data East is one of those rock and roll pinball machines that is just a blast to play. Not only does the music rock but once you get the ball rolling, the fun just doesn’t stop. Many players love this game, but one of the more charming things about it is that Slash loves it too. He’s an avid pinball player and made sure his pinball machine turned out great.


Rocking Out with your Pin Balls Out

While there are so many rock and roll pinball machines that are a blast to play, the best part about the theme is the music. If you’ve chosen to purchase a rock and roll pinball machine, you are sure to love blasting the soundtrack. Just remember that these machines all have a volume control, Your loved ones will appreciate it.

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