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Pinball Machines in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Pinball

Are you looking for pinball machines in Chicago? Then look no further than Great American Pinball. Great American Pinball services pinball machines in Chicago and all its surrounding areas. From Hammond, IN, to Galena, Great American Pinball can’t be beat. We deliver new pinball machines to the entire Chicagoland area. If you need a pin ball machine and you’re in the Chicagoland area, we will personally deliver and set up your new or used pinball machine with white gloves service.


We have delivered amusement machines to the Chicago Board of Exchange, so if you’re in a high-rise downtown, no problem! If you’re looking to add an arcade machine or dart board to your basement in the Fox River Valley, we can do that too. We are a professional, white glove service and we take pride in delivering only the very best amusement machines to our customers. A pin ball machine or arcade game is a great addition to your gameroom, so give us a call. We can even help you plan out a new gameroom if you need help!


We Do More Than Just Pinball


That’s right, we have arcade machines for sale as well! Great American Pinball takes pride in its pinball machines, but don’t let the name fool you. We also deal in  new and used arcade games, jukeboxes, dart boards, slot machines, beer signs, retro memorabilia and other coin operated relics. If you’ve got something old and cool, give us a call and maybe we’ll strike up a deal!


And if you’re asking yourself, who buys pinball machines? Great American Pinball does! We love when customers reach out to us and offer some of what they have collected. Although we sell a lot of brand new pinball machines a classic used pinball machine for sale is sometimes a more economical choice.  At Great American Pinball,we make sure every machine we sell is gone through and is in great working condition. So when you’re looking for where to buy pinball machines, Great American Pinball is the #1 place for new and pinball machines in the Chicagoland area.

Attack from Mars Pinball Machine
Theatre of Magic Pinball Machine

Some of Our Favorite Pinball Machines

Theatre of Magic - Ranked number 18 on Pinside’s list of best pinball games, Theatre of Magic is a game that has captured the imaginations of many flippers. Bally made Theatre of Magic in 1995, but it’s ease of play and prominent features has made it a classic pinball to own.


Attack From Mars - Some pinball machines are so popular that even after they run out of production, they get remade. Attack From Mars from Chicago Gaming Company is one such game. The original game was released by Bally. Since Bally doesn’t produce pinball machines anymore, Chicago Gaming Company obtained rights to the game and produced Attack From Mars remake. They now produce one of the most popular games in pinball. Team that with Chicago Gaming Company’s Medieval Madness Remake and Monster Bash pinball machine, Chicago Gaming Company holds the rights to some of pinball’s greatest games.


Star Wars - This pinball game is relatively new. Stern pulled out all stops with this one too. It’s got an extra large LCD screen that gives very clear instructions to the game modes as well as a smaller LCD screen that’s located on the playfield. The smaller screen also has instructions, but it is a bit more interactive. You can shoot for it to try and hit the Tie Fighters, or you can slap the LED Action Button to fire at the enemy!


One of the most popular franchises in history might be Star War. And you can get yourself a piece of that history too with Stern Pinball's Star War Pinball machine.


Lethal Weapon - Lethal Weapon was never really ranked very high as a must own, classic pinball. That said, it’s won a cozy spot in the hearts of many enthusiasts. Lethal Weapon’s humor and action is what has made it such a popular franchise (even prompting a television spinoff). This classic pinball machine, much like Murtaugh, is sure to never retire.


Really any list of great pinball machines can be rather long winded. Maybe that is why Pinside has created a list of the top rated 100 Pinball Machines. Sometimes we need a way to whittle down the best from the good.

Star Wars Pinball Machine
Lethal Weapon Pinball Machine

Remember, there’s a reason that Great American Pinball has earned a 100% positive feedback rating on Pinside Forums. We go above and beyond to make sure each and every customer is happy with the entertainment machines we provide. And if they are not satisfied we work with them to fix any problems. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email to inquire about any of out current pinball machines!

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