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Meet the Team

Great American Pinball is experienced in refurbishing and delivering new and used pinball machines throughout the United States. Our Staff is very knowledgable about pinball machines, how they work and operate so that your machine is working the way it should when delivered.   If we drop off a new or used game in your gameroom, we want to be certain our technicians have the know how to make your game work perfectly on site. 


Please read about our staff below. We like to put a face to a name so you can be confident when you purchase a pinball machine with Great American Pinball you know who has worked on your machine, but also who will be showing up to  deliver and set it up.  



Scott Stumpf (Skooter) - We have been friends with Scott for over 15 years and we have been shopping out games together for that entire time. Scott is a chemist by trade and has an eye for detail and perfection. Scott has done several complete restores, replacing decals, shopping games and blinging machines that look like they should be in a museum. Scott and I share another passion and that is the love for Rock n Roll music and concerts. He’s my ride or die concert buddy and we have seen well over 25 concerts together. You may say what does that have to do with pinball and I say nothing except he is a solid friend and I like to surround myself with the best people that share my passion for pinball.

Rocco Sarli – Yup he’s the Italian muscle. Don’t mess with the Rocco! I have known Rocco since our kids have attended grade school together and has always been there for my family and vice versa. Rocco primarily  delivers pinball machines to our customers and is meticulous in setting up the machines, leveling them out and taking pride on explaining the maintenance of the machines and taking them through a tutorial of the games menu’s. He makes sure your home is protected and uses the right moving equipment and materials to make sure there is no damage to your home upon delivery.


Marc Chytracek – He’s the Maniac. Marc is the founding father of the Pinball Maniac’s club on Facebook. Marc has the best work ethic in the world. Nobody works harder than Marc, well almost as hard as me! Marc ‘s passion for hard work translates into everything he does. You have heard people use the phrase, I put 110% into everything I do, well most people really don’t, except for Marc! Marc refurbishes our machines and every game he works on gets his 110% attention. He is the master of LEDS!

Logan Henderson – Logan was just recently hired as an intern for GAP. Logan has had pinball machines in his home ever since he was born and wants to become a pinball engineer. When Logan goes to college, he plans to study engineering. Logan knows how to shop out a machine, rebuild flipper mechs and drop target banks. Where can you find a 17 year old that already knows how to do these things? Logan also handles the showroom floor, so if you come into to look at a pinball machine, Logan will show your around.  


Jason Barzyk- Jason has worked with me for over the past 3 years and has been instrumental in helping me build Great American Pinball into the company it is today. Jason is super talented with computers, websites, video editing and streaming, and search engine optimization (SEO) . Something that would take my days or weeks to figure out with a computer or program will take him a few hours. Jason and I built the website together and he was terrific to work with as I explained exactly what I wanted the site to look like. Jason recently left GAP to take over his wife’s SEO business, but we now use him on all our website development, SEO and social media projects. While Jason doesn't come into the shop very often, you can still see him in most of our Youtube videos.

Previous Employees 

Colin Weber – Colin was my fist hire at Great American Pinball. Colin lived 2 doors down from me and we have been neighbors for over 25 years. Colin was a fast learner, all around great guy and did a fantastic job helping me in every aspect of the business when I first opened up the shop. I hated to see Colin go when he moved to Arizona and wished he had stuck around at GAP, but the guy has dreams and I get it hes got to blaze his own path in life. Overall Colin is one of the chilliest dudes on the planet, just like his Father!

Christian Czernik – Brad Czernik and I have been horse trading pinball machines since the early 2000”s and I first met Christian when he was around 8 or 9 years of age. Right before Christian went to college, we work on several Ads for Great American Pinball and a campy, edgy (Tarantino style) commercials for GAP! Although are time working together was brief, Christian then went on to Intern with Stern Pinball and later went off to College in Michigan.

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