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Retro Pinball Machines

For many people, the nostalgia is a powerful force. Some people remember things just being a bit better when they were younger.


Whether you agree or disagree, some pinball machines were just a bit better way back when.


Here are some retro pinball machines that we like. These machines have stood the test of time even when you compare them to modern games.


Medieval Madness | Williams

Medieval Madness is at the top of pretty much every pinball list as one of the best received pins of all time. It’s got some satisfying shots. You get to destroy a castle, bonk some trolls, and in the end you save the princess. What’s more to want?

Attack From Mars | Bally

Attack From Mars came out around the same time as the film “Mars Attacks,” but the two have nothing to do with each other. Well, aside from them being about aliens. The point of the game is to defend the earth from the martian invasion by fighting off aliens in major cities. You go from New York to France; Italy and Germany are there too. Then once you defend earth, you go to Mars and attack them at their homeworld. Destroying saucers if pretty fun and the humor of this game makes it a classic.

Monster Bash | Williams

Of the first three pinball machines we put on this list, they all have been remade by Chicago Gaming Company. That in itself is a testament to how great these games are. Monster Bash is no exception. You fling the ball around to wake up the Universal monsters and have a jam session with them. Along the way, you animate Frankenstein, turn the Wolfman, and Rock out with the Bride of Frankenstein. It’s a classic pinball machine that deserved the remake.

Twilight Zone | Bally

Twilight Zone is a classic pinball machine that most people wish they could own. The price of this game has skyrocketed since there is such a huge demand for it but there are so few available. Twilight Zone is a super fun game to play. It’s also packed with features and toys that really make the game come alive.

The Addams Family | Williams

Uncle Fester and Cousin It are back in this classic pin. This is another classic pin from Williams that people wish they could own. It’s a blast to play. You explore the Addams Family mansion to discover the world they live in. This pin is actually one of the best selling machines since the 1930s.

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