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Chicago Gaming Company Pinball Machines

Chicago Gaming Company, or Chicago Gaming for short, is a relatively new producer of pinball machines when you compare them to the oldest player in pinball. The company established itself in 2001, so they’re not exactly new either!


Chicago Gaming has been making entertainment arcade games for a number of years and have also been producing parts for other companies as well.


This page looks at Chicago Gaming and some of their contributions to Chicago pinball.

Chicago Gaming Company

Chicago Gaming might be better known for their arcade and Regulated Gaming machines. They have been producing the regulated gaming machines you might see at your local bar for a number of years. It is only in the last few years that they teamed up with Planetary Pinball.


Planetary Pinball owns the rights to Bally and Williams pinball machines and parts. This means that if anyone wants to recreate parts or whole games, Planetary Pinball has to give it the Ok.


Chicago Gaming has obtained exclusive rights to reproduce a few games that were originally released by Bally and Williams.


Here are the titles that Chicago Gaming are currently producing:

Attack From Mars

Originally produced by Bally in 1995, Attack from Mars has been a huge success in the pinball world. It’s currently ranked number 2 on Pinside’s List of Top 100 Pinball Machines. Certainly, it’s success and favor is what pushed Chicago Gaming to remake this game. And they did an exquisite job!


Chicago Gaming went to great lengths to reproduce the pinball machine as accurately as possible. And they used modern engineering to produce a game that is even more reliable than the original pinball machine.


One of the modern twists in this game take the form of LED lights. Of course the original game didn’t have LEDs back in ‘95. But Chicago Gaming found LED to be just too reliable not to use. One of the complaints against LED is that they are instant on, and instant off, but Chicago gaming has taken their time and done it right. They programed the LEDs to ramp up and ramp down. This avoids the “instant on” syndrome. They’ve done the same with their Medieval Madness pinball machine.

Medieval Madness

Chicago Gaming sure picked some really great titles to produce. Medieval Madness is one of the highest rated pinball tables of all time. And it has been very faithfully reproduced by Chicago Gaming.


It’s such a popular game for great reasons. The universally appealing theme is a great fit for all crowds. The mechanics of the game and the gameplay itself is unparallelled. Bash the trolls, destroy the castle, joust the knights, save the damsel, and destroy the King of Paine to bring peace to the land! Become the savior of the 15th century!


In this remake edition Chicago Gaming has also included a special features menu that allows you to customize the game. You’ll be able to:

  • Set the display color;

  • Adjust the speed at which LED bulbs ramp up and down;

  • Adjust the strength of coils;

  • Adjust the shaker motor strength; and

  • Adjust dip switch settings

Chicago Gaming’s Newest Pinball Machine | Monster Bash

Chicago Gaming has announced they are going to be releasing a new game, and it’s no surprise to see that it’s another from Pinside’s top 5. Monster Bash is another game with a universal theme. That’s to say, a lot of people like it, even if Universal Studio’s name is on it too!


Reunite the Creature, Frankenstein, the Mummy, Wolfman, Dracula, and the Bride of Frankenstein and help them rock hard enough to raise the dead for the party of the century!


While Chicago Gaming has not released very much information about their version of the game, we are all eagerly awaiting its full release! When they do release the game, be sure to check our Chicago Gaming store page to learn more!

Chicago Gaming Company At Great American Pinball

Chicago Gaming Company is only producing pinball machines that are awesome. They make what can be called some of the best pinball tables ever. And Great American Pinball has the benefit of being extremely close to them!


They are only a short drive from our shop, so we always have stock of Chicago Gaming Company Pinball Machines!

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