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Stern Pinball Machines

Stern Pinball

Here at Great American Pinball, we have a strong affinity for Stern Pinball. Stern Pinball  has been with us a very long time. And they have produced some truly fantastic pinball machines. Stern Pinball has been in the pinball business for almost a century.


Stern Pinball Sets Itself Apart

Some companies as old as Stern can sometimes fall into a slump. Some stick with what has been tried and true and some like to innovate. Stern has decided to take a look at what works and also look to the future for new ideas and platforms.


Here are just some attributes that make Stern Pinball such a great company to buy from.

  • Assembling some of the best games in the pinball Industry - Game designers like Steve Ritchie and John Borg have joined the mix at Stern pinball. Stern has worked to cull top talent from all across the pinball spectrum. This drive for the absolute best has shown in their pinball machines.

  • High Level of artwork Included in their pinball machines - Just take a look at a Stern Pinball machine and you can see the attention to detail. Each pinball machine is like a work of art and they have some of the best artists in the business like Dirty Donnie, Kevin O'Connor and Christopher Franchi.

  • Innovation in their pinball machines - Stern Pinball has been leading the way in terms of improvements. They include LCD screens in many of their machines. Stern has also started including robust audio and LED lighting. Their new SPIKEtm system has upgraded their pinball machines so they are easier to work on. This system also allows for many of their innovations to run. The result is a pinball experience that is like no other.

  • Familiar brands on their pinball machines - Stern Pinball produces pinball machines that are some of the most recognizable on the planet! From AC/DC or Metallica, from Batman and Star Wars, Stern has partnered with some very big names licenses to truly create unique pinball machines.


Stern Can Be For Everyone

Stern has been around since the beginning days of pinball. Their work and foresight is what has kept them around for so long. They have also produced fantastic themes that really speak to the pinball community. Here are some themes that Stern has produced.

  • Music Based Pinball Machines - Stern constantly produced high quality pinball machines based on musical tastes. They are often able to secure deals with some of the most famous bands around. Stern also includes many of these bands songs in their pinball machines. Some bands that Stern has worked with include Metallica, Aerosmith, AC/DC, and Iron Maiden

  • Comic / Super Hero Pinball Machines - Stern has also worked to get rights with many of the most famous superhero franchises around. From the silver screen, to the comic page, Stern has produced some great pinball machines for these enthusiasts.  Some machines include Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman ‘66, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ghost Busters, Star Trek, and Spiderman.

  • Sport Pinball Machines - Stern also has produced pinball machines for sports fanatics. Some of their sports based games include Big Buck Hunter, NBA, World Poker Tour, Grand Prix, Nascar, and Striker Extreme.

  • Television Pinball Machines - Stern has gotten inspiration for some of their machines from television shows as well. Some of their television based pinball machines include Game Of Thrones, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, The Simpsons Pinball Party, The Sopranos, Family Guy, Wheel of Fortune, CSI, and 24.


Stern Pinball and Great American Pinball

Great American Pinball has had an awesome relationship with Stern Pinball. We’re looking forward to seeing what new games and ideas they come up with.


Because Great American Pinball is so close to Stern Pinball, we are in a very unique position. We are usually able to get their pinball machines as soon as they become available. Often times, we find ourselves driving to their warehouse the days the games become available, because we know our customers want their games as soon as possible.


If you’re interested in purchasing a Stern pinball machine from Great American Pinball, be sure to check out our inventory of new and used pinball machines. We also stock many of Stern's mods on our Stern Shop page.

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