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Horror Pinball Machines

Some people simply enjoy being scared. There’s a rush of emotion, and a feeling of truly being alive when we get scared.


And some people enjoy that feeling so much that they them their home with props or memorabilia from horror movies. If this is you, a horror pinball machine may be a great addition to your home.


Best Horror Pinball Machines

Here is a list of our favorite horror pinball machines.


Freddy: A Nightmare on Elm Street | Gottlieb

This pinball machine is everything you want from a Nightmare on Elm Street. There’s Freddy’s gruesome face, the clawed glove, and even his fiery furnace. It’s a spooky game that is a blast to play. The actor who played Freddy, Robert Englund, recorded audio for the game itself. The game is a classic when it comes to horror pinball machines.

Twilight Zone | Bally

Twilight is one of the most sought after pinball machines in existence.. But even today, if you can find someone selling a Twilight Zone, it is going to be expensive. High demand means a high price. But that price gets you one of the most fun horror pinball machines on the market. With many modes, a special porcelain pinball, and plenty of after market mods, Twilight Zone continues to be one of the most popular games ever.

America’s Most Haunted | Spooky

Spooky’s motto is “putting the ‘boo’ in boutique.” They are only able to produce a small number of games, but many people love the games that they make. America’s Most Haunted is a game that has a deep ruleset, but is a blast to play even for novices. The main feature on the playfield is the ghost that you shoot at to lower the set of targets. You want to find and defeat the different kinds of ghosts that are in the back of the playfield.

Scared Stiff | Bally

Scared Stiff is a horror game, but it’s also a bit more adult themed even without the horror aspects. This is the second pinball machine with the beautiful and leggy Elvira. She’s got a bunch of callouts that might make you blush, but the fun doesn’t stop with this table.

Haunted House | Gottlieb

Haunted house is a very unique table made by Gottlieb. They actually made the game with three levels. You can go into the depths of the haunted house or go up in the attic. This table also has an incredible eight flippers. This game may be a wide body, but it plays so well you wouldn’t know it! Tight shots, moving between floors and fast movement keeps you on your toes when you play this pinball machine.

The Addams Family | Bally

Another favorite game from Bally. The Addams Family came out in the aftermath of the 1991 film starring Angelica Houston and Raul Julia. Whether it is the film, or the game, what’s for certain is that Addams was the most popular pinball machine ever with Bally Producing over 20,000 tables. This table was introduced right at the height of pinball’s 90’s spike, and with a ton of special features. These ensured that the game was a huge success.

The Walking Dead | Stern

Stern made an awesome pinball machine for any fans of AMC’s popular The Walking Dead Series. This game is a gore-fest with blood and guts blowing up on the dot matrix display. The game was also popular due to its deep ruleset that made it approachable to new players while also drawing in seasoned pros.

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