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Laseriffic Custom Pinball Toppers

Great American Pinball is proud to announce a partnership with Laseriffic Inc! We have been seeing their custom pinball parts and mods and we are proud to offer them to you! They have some of the best custom work and art for your pinball machine. If you're looking for a custom pinball topper, you need to check out this page!

Custom Pinball mods are just one part to making your pinball machine the best it can be. 

When you’re looking for the best custom pinball toppers, look to Laseriffic pinball toppers. Stern and Chicago Gaming make really great toppers for their own pinball machines, but sometimes you just want that little extra touch. Sometimes you want to add a little wow factor. One of the simplest ways to add that is with a custom pinball topper. Laseriffic pinball toppers are a great way to achieve that wow factor.


All Laseriffic custom pinball toppers are made to order, so you know they are made just for you. From Aerosmith to X Men, these custom pinball toppers look great and are a great way to beautify your pinball machine.


These custom toppers are made of acrylic and have been laser etched. The designs on most toppers have be custom made, and are not from their original pinball machine manufacturers. While these game toppers are completely custom, they are also fully licensed. You’ll never have to worry about having a “knock-off” topper, because they are made with complete permission.


Many of these custom pinball toppers also come with color changing LEDs. Each topper on our website shows the many colors you can set your custom topper to. So you don’t have to make the tough decision of which color to order, each topper comes in any color you can imagine. Best of all, the color change LEDs are remote control! So no need top open your translight to change colors or to turn the topper light on and off. You can simply do it with the press of your remote control. It’s the perfect way to make your game really pop.


Some of these toppers even come with multiple lights or are made of different materials than just laser cut acrylic. For example, these custom toppers are unique ore made of different materials:


The Shadow Custom Pinball Topper: Who knows?? The Shadow knows that this topper comes with dual independently controlled lighting effects. A remote is provided for the front lights and a microcontroller is mounted on the back of the topper for the back panel for you to adjust to your liking. There are many combinations you can create. Installation is very easy and comes with everything you need including pictured instructions.


Cactus Canyon Custom Pinball Topper: This topper is 24" W x 9" H and features RGB multi-color LED lit laser etched back panel mounted in a lightweight black powder coated aluminum stand.  The design highlights silver mirrored guns and shield along with 3D cactus and fencing. Remote controlled mini-controller mounted on back allows for changeable lighting effects.


Aerosmith Custom Pinball Topper: Laser etched acrylic combined with original high resolution graphics and 2 10" real looking guitars makes this topper come to life. The backpanel is being controlled by a remote and the front lighting is controlled by a micro controller mounted on the back that you can adjust to your liking.  All toppers come plug-n-play.


Diner Custom Pinball Topper: While this custom pinball topper is meant for the Williams pinball machine, it would look equally good as a home decoration! Add this nostalgic Diner Topper to your pinball machine. Laser etched panel covered by a sheet of cut bright red acrylic. This dynamic topper standing at 18" x 9.5" and uses warm white leds to keep with the era since there were no leds back then.


Guns N Roses Custom Pinball Topper: This topper captures all the design aesthetic of the original Guns N Roses topper while improving on many of its aspects.

This topper is NOT made from cheap plastic like the original.  It is made from laser cut pieces of colored acrylic to make it much more durable and sturdy.

The maximum height of this topper is 9", several inches shorter than the original.  This makes it possible to mount on top of your machine in most basements.


Junkyard Custom Pinball Topper: Bringing back the Dog to the JunkYard! This custom topper features a laser etched back panel with multi color changing lights. This topper offers hi resolution graphics for the Dog and Gator, 3D cut fence, and many other features.


While these are just a few examples of Laseriffic’s custom pinball toppers, we offer a wide selection of their toppers. You’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for. Great American Pinball goes out of our way to make you you can get the very best. We like Laseriffic’s toppers because they are easy to set up an look sharp! Look through our selection and reach out to us with any questions!

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