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Black and White Twilight Zone Pinball Machine | Update #3

Here are link to our previous posts about this project:

Summer's coming now into full swing, but we've had our work cut out for us. Our black and white Twilight Zone pinball machine has gotten a lot of attention, even before being complete!

We last left off where we had gotten out black and white playfield from the printer. It was looking great, but we did notice a bit of fuzziness as you moved toward the top of the playfield. The images were just not as sharp as the bottom.

We sanded the playfield down again and had it reprinted again! Now it is looking perfect. And a perfect playfield needs to be finished. We brought the playfield in to be finished with an automotive clear coat. This provides an awesome looking finish while providing the added strength that a playfield will need.

With the playfield printed and finished, we move on to assembly. We’re working right now to get this machine put together. It’s taking a little while since it’s a side project, but it is really coming together.

We’ve gotten some of the parts and stickers either painted or printed. We’re now just waiting on some of the plastics, but more on that later.

For now, just know we’re working on it. Our hope is to have the pinball machine completed within the next two to three months. Again, it is a side project. When we’re not delivering someone’s pinball machine, picking up a pinball machine, or shopping out a customer’s pinball machine, We’re working on the Black and White Twilight Zone.

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Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to get up to date pinball news right in your e-mailbox. The sign-up is on the bottom of this page!

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