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New In Box

Warranty on new equipment varies from one manufacturer to another and covers parts only. Check Manufacturers website. Labor and Service Calls are not covered by any manufacturer. We charge a rate of $145.00 per hour in state and $200.00 an hour out of state. 

Pinball Machines
Used Equipment


Great AmericanPinball.Com will warranty its reconditioned equipment for a period of thirty days if the machine is assembled by trained technician. Warranty is void if assembled by an untrained technician. Some machines may not require assembly which are considered plug and play games and will be entitled to the 30 day warranty excluding parts and labor. After the thirty day warranty period has expired and you live within a 60 mile radius of Chicago, we will charge our standard labor rates which are currently at $85.00 per hour. If you live outside the 60 mile radius of Chicago, we will assist you in locating a reputable technician to service your call.

Packaged Pinball Machine

Any equipment that is sold as is and working (not reconditioned) will not have any warranty for parts and service.

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