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Pinball Parts For Sale


If you’re looking for pinball parts for sale, Great American Pinball had got you covered. We carry the widest selection of new pinball parts. And we even carry used parts and new old-stock items as well.


Whatever pinball parts you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find it at Great American Pinball.


Find the Pinball Parts You Need for Williams Bally and Data East Pinball Machines


Williams Bally and Data East may not be producing pinball machines anymore, but they have created some of the best pinball games around. But these games can be decades old. While Williams Bally and Data East created their games to last a lifetime, there is occasional maintenance that needs to be considered. There are also parts that simply break down.


Finding Playfield Plastics

Each manufacturer makes their parts to last a long time. If you’ve a Data East pinball machine or even a new, in-box machine from Stern Pinball, you better believe that they have built their pinball machine to last. But regular wear and tear on a pinball machine is common. Parts do break down after thousands of plays, and that means replacement.


The best way to find your exact match is by looking up the part numbers. Each manufacturer uses unique part numbers for each part in their machines. The part numbers are really the best way to find your part. Therefore, each part we sell includes the manufacturer’s part numbers in the description. And if you’re looking for plastic sets, we can get you that too!


Sometimes the part numbers may be missing or illegible. If this is the case, feel free to send us an email or give us a phone call and we can try find the part or part number for you.


Replacing the Playfield Plastics


Once you have the part in hand, it’s actually a very simple process to replace the plastic sets.

  1. Turn off the Machine - This might be common sense, but it is worth saying. Turning off your machine will ensure nothing will activate while you are buggering around in it. To do one better, unplug the machine too.

  2. Unbuckle the Lockbar - crack that coin door open and unlatch your lockbar.

  3. Pull the Glass - Self-explanatory. You’re going to need to remove the glass to get to the playfield plastics you’re going to replace.

  4. Stop and Think for a Second - Look at the piece you’re replacing. Figure out how many bolts or screws are holding it in place. Look to see if any other parts are going to need to be removed before being able to replace the part you need. Again, best practice here would be to pull out your phone and take a couple pictures of the part or parts you are going to be replacing. If you’re going to need to remove other parts as well, be sure to photograph those as well.

  5. Note the Order of Parts - If you’re taking a screw out of a post, be sure to check how each part is stacked. Sometimes there are washers between stacked playfield plastic sets, be sure to note what order they came out, so you can replace them in the proper order. As a side note, do not put any tools down on the playfield. No need to risk putting a scratch on it.

  6. Replace and Reassemble - with the old, broken plastic out, replace it with your new part. Reassemble your parts in the opposite order of how to disassemble it and you should be good to go!

  7. Reassemble Machine - Slide your glass back in the channel, slap your lockbar back on, plug it in and enjoy your sense of accomplishment at being able to work on your own pinball machine.


While replacing playfield plastics might seem to have a lot of steps, it’s quite simple. In fact, it’s one of the easier projects to complete on your pinball machine.


Pinball Parts for New Machines

New playfield plastics sets are a great way to ensure your old Bally pinball machine keeps looking new, but what about machines that are already new? Well, there are some very common parts for all machines to make them look and play their best.


  • Shaker Motor - A pinball shaker motor is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a small motor that bolts to the case of a pinball machine. The motor spins two offset weights, and this creates a vibration within the pinball machine. While most pinball machines do not come with this feature installed, it is a nice upgrade. The shaker motor provides haptic feedback during gameplay much the same way that video game controllers do now. While not necessary, this sensory input does help to amplify the sense of accomplishment when beating a mission or challenge.

  • Color Displays - This can be a very satisfying upgrade. Most older pinball machines came with a single-color dot matrix display. This should be familiar to anyone who's ever play a pinball game. Modern pinball manufacturers like Stern Pinball and Chicago Gaming Company have recently started adding full color LCD panels to their games. This is just one more upgrade that helps enhance the playability of a game. Pretty much any game that comes with a dot matrix display can be upgraded to a full color DMD display. It’s one of the most popular upgrades for our Chicago Gaming pinball machines!

  • Lighting Upgrade - If you’ve played thousands of games on your old Bally Williams or Data East pinball machine, you’ve probably had to deal with changing the occasional light bulb here or there. While this maintenance is routine, it can become an annoyance to change bulbs that continue to burn out at different times. Consider changing all your bulbs to LED bulbs to save your time later. LED bulbs last MUCH longer than regular incandescent bulbs. And they use only a fraction of the power. If you’re looking for a nice upgrade, LED bulbs will do it.


Parts for your Stern Pinball Machines


One of the great things about owning a new Stern Pinball is that they are still in production! Old Bally or Williams pinball machines have been out of production for so long that you can almost only hope for new old stock parts. But Stern Pinball is still putting their machines together, so there are a lot of parts available.


If you’re looking for some mods to gussy up your Stern pinball machine, or if you want to enhance the playability of your pinball machine, Great American Pinball has the parts and service you want to get your Stern pinball machine in its best shape.


Stern Pinball Art Blades


Such a simple addition can make a huge difference in the look of a game. Stern Pinball has produced os really fantastic art blades for their pinball machines and we are proud to offer them to our customers. Whether you want us to install it on your new in-box Stern Pinball machine or if you want them for a machine you already have, we can get it for you. And these art blades are very easy to install, it’s almost like a giant sticker. So, with a little bit of patience and skill, anyone can install them.


Stern Pinball Toppers


Toppers are usually only reserved for Stern Pinball’s very high-end models. But you can buy yourself their pro model and install the topper yourself. Many of Stern’s toppers are modular so they’re easy to install and have added functionality like lights.


Powder Coating Kit for Stern Pinball Machines


A powder coating kit is a very easy upgrade for your Stern pinball machine. We can take your regular pro model and with a powder coating kit turn it into a real beauty! This small add on does enhance the look and feel of your game. If you’d like to see an example of our custom work, check this clip from one of our playthroughs on Youtube.

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