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Star Wars Pinball Machine by Stern Pinball

Star Wars Pinball Machine by Stern Pinball

Star Wars has been an unforgettable franchise for decades. Generation after generation has fallen in love with the movies and the universe. And with new films being released, it doesn’t look like Star Wars will be waning in popularity any time soon.

The Star Wars Pinball machine by Stern Pinball is another way generations can enjoy the franchise together. It’s the perfect way to remember the death star exploding in the original trilogy, to feel that sense of awe and wonder at having witnessed movie magic for the first time. Stern Star Wars will help you to relive the original Star Wars with your family.

Star Wars Pinball

Star Wars Pinball Machine Features

The Star Wars pinball game is truly fantastic for novices and experts alike. The Star Wars pinball machines come in three variants: Pro Premium and Limited Edition. Each model features a sculpted tie fighter. Each model also includes RGB color changing LED lights.

Each Star Wars pinball table also features a unique art package. And Limited Edition pinball machines have been signed by its creator, Steve Ritchie. While the Premium and LE edition of this pinball table are great, the Star Wars Pro pack a lot of fun in a more affordable package.

Sculpted Tie Fighter

Each Star Wars Pinball Machine includes these key features:

  • Includes cast from Ep