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Star Wars Pinball Machine by Stern Pinball

Star Wars Pinball Machine by Stern Pinball

Star Wars has been an unforgettable franchise for decades. Generation after generation has fallen in love with the movies and the universe. And with new films being released, it doesn’t look like Star Wars will be waning in popularity any time soon.

The Star Wars Pinball machine by Stern Pinball is another way generations can enjoy the franchise together. It’s the perfect way to remember the death star exploding in the original trilogy, to feel that sense of awe and wonder at having witnessed movie magic for the first time. Stern Star Wars will help you to relive the original Star Wars with your family.

Star Wars Pinball

Star Wars Pinball Machine Features

The Star Wars pinball game is truly fantastic for novices and experts alike. The Star Wars pinball machines come in three variants: Pro Premium and Limited Edition. Each model features a sculpted tie fighter. Each model also includes RGB color changing LED lights.

Each Star Wars pinball table also features a unique art package. And Limited Edition pinball machines have been signed by its creator, Steve Ritchie. While the Premium and LE edition of this pinball table are great, the Star Wars Pro pack a lot of fun in a more affordable package.

Sculpted Tie Fighter

Each Star Wars Pinball Machine includes these key features:

  • Includes cast from Episodes IV, V, and VI

  • Original music from John Williams

  • All models include beautiful hand-drawn art

  • Two HD color screens

  • 400 HD video scenes from from the original films

  • Color changing LED inserts

  • High-fidelity stereo sound system

  • SPIKE-2 Electronic System.

The Death Star

Star Wars Pinball Machine Gameplay

The gameplay of this pinball table is what has put it on the pinside pinball top 100 pinball games of all time. Once you get your hands on it, you’ll see why too. This game is made for speed. The inner orbit can really rocket the ball right back to your flippers. The Premium and LE models also have an outer track that is driven by magnets to really speed the ball along. This game is all about speed. That’s why the inner loop rockets the ball back at you and the ramps fire the ball right back to your flippers. One of the best features of the Star Wars pinball table is just how quickly the game goes!

Making of the Star Wars Pinball Machine

Stern’s Star Wars was created by two of the most famous designers in pinball, Steve Ritchie and Dwight Sullivan. These two designers have taken on Star Wars as a passion project. They each have their own reason for loving Star Wars. And that love shows through in this pinball machine. You can tell that the gameplay, the lights, the sound and the visuals were all painstakingly created and implemented by people who want the best for the franchise. Check out this video on Steve Ritchie and Dwight Sullivan talk about their love of Star Wars and the work that went into the game.

Millennium Falcon Figure

Why Chose Great American Pinball?

At Great American Pinball, we are dedicated to finding the best Pinball machines for our customers. This is why we have been a Stern Pinball authorized retailer. Great American Pinball believes that pinball should be accessible to all. We know that when you want a pinball machine, you want the very best. Stern’s Star Wars pinball machine is a fantastic machine. It will let you feel the nostalgia of seeing the films for the first time while welcoming your younger family in to one of the best franchises in history.

For More Information For more updates of the franchise, be sure to check out Jedi Insider. They constantly update with information related to Star Wars. And if you’d like to check out one of Great American Pinball’s Star Wars machine, feel free to come by our shop, visit our online shop or even take a look at our Youtube review.

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