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Looking for the perfect pinball Christmas gift? Look to Great American Pinball

Gifts for Pinball Nerds

The holidays are coming, and now you’re stuck with a dilemma. What to get the person who already has everything?! Well, if you’re here, that means you’re already looking to get a gift for a pinball enthusiast. If you’re looking for a pinball gift for Christmas, Great American Pinball is ready to help.

Pinball Machine Customization Gifts

If you’re looking for a way to dress up a pinball machine, a great choice is color coordinated parts. Something like our Pinguard cabinet protectors is a great accessory to add just a touch of color. But it’s also a great way to protect a pinball machine from damage that can sometimes be caused by the legs of a machine. Often overlooked, but this could be an inexpensive way to protect your loved one’s investment.

Another way to dress up a pinball machine would be adding art blades. This relatively inexpensive mod really helps to boost the “curb appeal” of a pinball machine. For example, the Batman ‘66 art blades add the skyline of Gotham City. This small addition just adds to the satisfaction and enjoyment of each game.

If you really want to enhance the playability of of pinball machine, consider a shaker motor. A shaker motor is a small box that you add to a pinball machine that vibrates at certain times, usually when hitting a jackpot or when some other event occurs to advance the story of the game. This addition might seem trivial, but it adds haptic feedback to the game and assists with immersion. Again, this is a small addition, but adds to the overall experience of playing the pinball machine.

Customized Pinball Machines Make for a Unique Gift

If you’re already looking at a fully customized pinball machine, then maybe some art is in order. Many people keep a pinball machine is a gameroom or “mancave.” While people think about what games they would like to fill that space up with, sometimes the walls are overlooked. Some pinball art can be just the thing to make a gameroom an even nicer place to be.

Of course, the most generous pinball Christmas gift would be buying a pinball machine. And when considering a pinball machine for that special person in your life, simply consider their interests. Are they big music fans? If so, a Metallica or Aerosmith Pinball machine might be best. If they are big Sci-fi fans, maybe a Walking Dead or the new Guardians of the Galaxy pinball machine will fit the bill.

Still not sure, feel free to send us an email or give us a call and we can help suggest the perfect pinball gift this holiday season for that special person in your life.

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