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Is Your Corporation Looking for a Pinball Machine or Arcade Games for Sale?

A trend is building across this country. And much like the music or fashion industry, this product is not new but is seeing a rise in popularity. This trend is pinball! What was once relegated to smokey bowling alleys is now taking center stage with the resurgence of barcades. Arcades that serve adult drinks have been popping up across the country and are all the rage.

This resurgence of “analog” gaming is the perfect time for you or your company to consider installing a corporate gameroom in your place of business, and you’ll be looking for the best pinball machine or arcade games for sale

Why Install a Pinball Machine in your Business

There are many reasons why gaming is an innovative idea at your place of business. For our purposes, we’ll consider a few.

  • Creating a Place Socialize - In this increasingly digital world, it’s a nice change of pace to take a creative break. Employees can become frustrated with the computer that runs just a bit too slow or the copier that keeps eating their papers. This frustration crushes creativity. Taking a break with coworkers to play some games (and let the mind wander) can be the perfect catalyst for some real creative thought.

  • Teaching On-The-Job Skills - While you might not think so, employees learn valuable skills in a corporate game room. A pinball machine offers a chance to problem solve in a low stress environment. This allows employees to flourish.

  • Helping to Relieve Stress - Some people look to Facebook or online browsing to “help” relieve stress. Because these activities are very passive, they don’t work that well and can, in fact, lower productivity. Pinball machines and arcade machines fully engage by appealing to multiple senses. From the shaker motor and the feel of the flippers launching the ball, to the rocking tunes that many pinball machines have, playing real gaming machines is a feeling that can’t be replicated.

  • Believing Employees are More Productive - When employees can take a “microbreak” from their work, they are able to come back to their desks refreshed and ready to tackle work. In fact, a Kansas State University study has found that, “...interacting with friends or family members...or by playing a short game, [researchers] found that employees can recover from some of their stress to refresh their minds...”

Great American Pinball has what you need when looking for pinball machines and arcade games for sale. Whether you’re looking for a vintage pinball machine to go with your company motif or used arcade games for sale, look to Great American Pinball.

Sources (2017). Taking a short smartphone break improves employee well-being, research finds | Kansas State University | News and Communications Services. [online] Available at: [Accessed 17 Oct. 2017].

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