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John Wick LE, Full payment is required . Price is $13,000 with free shipping. $2000 deposit is required. $2,000 deposit. NON-REFUNDABLE.   All money goes directly to Stern pinball. Shipment of LE's will be in June of this year. Balance of payment is via Bankwire or personal check in by 5/21 . Balance due via Bankwire or check. If you need to pay balance by CC we will add 3.2% fee.  Stern’s John Wick pinball games,players step into the role of the world’s greatest assassinas he fights to escape his past. As the titular character, players can engage in high-speed carchases and fast-action drifting across the playfield, which incorporates models and artworkinspired by iconic locations from the franchise, including the New York Continental Hotel and theRed Circle Club, all set against a dramatically edge lit New York City skyline. Players can alsoopen John Wick’s weapons crate to reveal a hidden shot target path to retrieve an array ofweapons. Players must use the sculpted Blood Oath Marker carefully–or risk theconsequences. Players need to survive other assassins, complete jobs for the legendaryFactions of the High Table, and eventually take on John Wick’s “Special Assignment!”To raise the stakes,John Wickpinball introduces Stern’s all-new dynamic AI combat system, aninnovation that brings the frenetic combat of the legendary films to the game. The Stern teamhas created a primitive video game AI system to control the enemy lights on the playfield,setting theJohn Wickpinball games apart from prior pinball machines, where all lights werecontrolled by player actions, timers, and random number generations. In this new AI combatsystem, enemy icons are responsive to player behavior and will illuminate dynamically aroundthe playfield to challenge the player. The enemies move tactically with this dynamic software tocounter player objectives, creating a unique challenge in each game session. The system alsofeatures a new action video player that dynamically reflects player action–as you defeat threeenemies, you'll see video clips of John Wick doing the same in the films!Accompanying the high-quality film and audio assets woven into the gameplay,JohnWickpinball games will include custom narration by critically acclaimed actor Ian McShane asWinston and an original score composed by Charlie Benante of Anthrax and Pantera fame.Additionally, pieces of John Wick’s iconic suits used in connection with the production of thefilms will be included as a franchise artifact in the LE models, courtesy of Lionsgate. TheJohnWickpinball games will feature original neo-noir style paintings illustrated by acclaimed artist,Randy Martinez

John Wick Limited Edition Pinball machine


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