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For Sale, Elvira Blood Red Kiss pinbal machine. Price is $12,999.  We are asking for a $5000 deposit today and balance paid 10 days befor shipment. Balance to be paid in full by check , or Bankwire.  Paying balance with CC will incur a 3.2 % processing.  For a haunting fun time, the team at Stern has created a software update available for all existingversions ofElvira’s House of HorrorsPinball Machines. Watch carefully as the LCD screen shows morelife than ever with the talentedgargoyleswaking up from their stone-cold forever-nap. Elvira has more tosay than ever with all-new speech, and who doesn’t like a super-charged Ray-Gunwith the all-new PewPew Pew Frenzy mode! Explore hidden rooms, unlock Junk in the Trunk items, and play the new EegahMode for a haunting good time!There’s nothing more boo-tiful than dressing up your pinball machine with a full line ofElvira’s House ofHorrorsPinball accessories (topper, shooter knob, side armor, and inside art blades)in addition to somekiller new merchavailable herewhile supplies last.To further celebrate the official Queen of Halloween, we are pleased to announce the specialElvira’sHouse of Horrors: Blood Red Kiss Edition.Limited to 500 units globally,Elvira’s House of Horrors: BloodRed Kiss Editionoffer a dazzling new look to the beloved vintage series.The red sparkle printing effectbrings a unique brilliance to all parts of the game including the backglass, playfield, plastics, art blades,bottom arch and theenhanced foil embossedcabinet decals complete with a subtle pattern of Elvira’spersonal tattoo design. Plus, the cabinet is beautifully trimmed with Elvira’s favorite color armor–DeadlyNightshadeBlack Sparkle! TheBlood Red Kiss Editionalso includes the bejeweled Elvira’s DaggerShooter Knob and an exclusive autographedBlood Red Kiss Editionsignaturecard included in eac

Elvira Blood Red Kiss Edition pinball machine deposit