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Introducing the Attack From Mars Pinball Machine from Chicago Gaming Co and Planetary Pinball

Prepare yourself for the epic battle ahead! Chicago Gaming and Planetary Pinball present Attack from Mars, the highly anticipated second pinball machine in a series of remakes of the greatest Bally and Williams pinball machines.


Recreated to exceed the high standards of the original pinball machine, Attack from Mars will be available in three models: the Classic Edition, the Special Edition and the Limited Edition. These three models all have numerous features never before available and are exclusive to the remakes.


Modern electronics have been engineered to improve reliability, simplify serviceability, reduce energy consumption, and provide game owners with the ability to customize their own game.

These pinball machines feature all LED lighting which means you may never have to replace a light bulb again. Painstaking efforts were made to replicate warmth and feel of incandescent bulbs. The software controls the speed at which the LEDs reach full brightness to emulate the relatively slow ramp ups and down of light produced by incandescent bulbs.


The pinball machine cabinetry has been greatly improved. Both the cabinet and backbox are manufactured with melamine clad plywood. Melamine is 10 times more scratch resistant than traditional lacquer finishes. The original fiberboard cabinet bottom has been replaced with a ½" plywood bottom - significantly improving the strength of the cabinet and providing added protection for the cashbox.


The Limited Edition model also includes a custom topper that was created by Doug Watson, the designer of the original Attack From Mars Pinball Game.


Get your hands on these remade pinball machines while you can!


This Attack From Mars Pinball Machine includes these key features

  • Upgraded XL display (19 ¼”)

  • Color Display

  • Metallic plastic flying saucer and mini saucer

  • Red/Blue/Green Tri-color LEDs on main saucer

  • Red/Green Bi-color LEDs on mini saucers

  • Martian green trim

  • Computer controlled LEDs that slow on/off to mimic incandescent bulbs

  • Improved, more durable cabinetry

  • Includes side cabinet mirrors

  • Enhanced sound with LED illuminated speaker grills


Why Chose Great American Pinball?

At Great American Pinball, we are dedicated to finding the best Pinball machines for our customers. This is why we have been a Stern Pinball authorized retailer for years. Great American Pinball believes that pinball should be accessible to all. We know that when you want a pinball machine, you want the very best. We want you to feel good about buying a new or used machine from Great American Pinball. This is why we go to great lengths to ensure every step of your purchase goes smoothly. We are not happy until you are happy.

Attack From Mars Pinball Machine | Limited Edition

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