Munsters Pinball machine Premium (color model) Price $8999.00.  GAme shown is the Black and White model. 


Munsters is based on the iconic American TV sitcom, The Munsters.  Our
retro titles have attracted broad audiences – Batman 66, Ghostbusters,
Beatles.  Chris Franchi’s art on 2 of these retro titles, and now on
Munsters, is exciting.  The Munsters TV series played worldwide.  It had
higher ratings and more viewers than the other macabre series of that era,
The Addams Family. 

John Borg, the lead Munsters game designer, has also anxiously awaited this
title.  He has pitched to me designing a Munsters pinball for longer than I
can remember.  He has designed this game over and over in his head.  John
has put his heart and soul into this game, with a great layout, smooth
ramps, and fun bash toys with Herman and Spot in particular.  Dwight
Sullivan has created rules utilizing spell outs for casual players and
deeper rules for experts.  The outrageously funny LCD TV show videos plus
show soundtrack round out a great package.

The Pro game is a great game and title for operation and for home owners.

Controlled with a second set of flipper button, Grandpa’s laboratory lower
mini-playfield significantly differentiates the LE/Premium from the Pro. 
This lower playfield has real game play, with mini balls, flippers, ramps,
vuk, bash toy and multiball. 

We created real differentiation between the LE and Premium with the crisp
black/white Premium art package.  The photographs of the Premium do not do
justice to the art’s high contrast and definition.

We continue to include in the LE all the added features customers want:
•       Anti-reflective playfield glass
•       Mirrored backglass
•       Upgraded sound system
•       Shaker motor
•       Spider web black armor and gold metallic legs
•       Unique LE only inside cabinet art blades











Munsters Premium Pinball Machine color version