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TV Show Pinball Machines

Television is one of the few things that can let our imaginations run wild. We all have a TV in our home, and most of us have a favorite show or shows that we make time for each week.


Whether you like to set your time aside for your show, or you DVR and watch when you get a chance, TV has permeated our lives.


TV show pinball machines are just as popular as the shows themselves. Read below for some of our favorite TV pinball machines.

Star Trek: The Next Generation | Williams

Whether you are a fan of Kirk or Picard, I think we can all agree that The Next Generation is one of the best Sci-Fi pinball machines you can get your hands on. It features two spaceship themed cannons above the slingshots. It’s got a huge wire frame that runs the entire length of the playfield, and many other awesome features. There’s even voice acting from the original cast that’s been embedded in the game.

Twilight Zone | Bally

People love this pinball machine. There are few games that are as popular as Twilight Zone. Based off the original television show, this pin incorporates many of the characters and themes you’d see in the show. You can find a gumball machine that gives out a ceramic “power ball,” and many other features. An upper playfield and magnet flippers make this game fun and tricky at the same time. If you’ve never played Twilight Zone, you owe it yourself to find one. At GAP, we’ve even modded out own to be completely Black and White

Batman ‘66 | Stern Pinball

While the new Batman films may have become very popular, nothing screams “Batman” quite as much as Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin. Batman ‘66 is a game where the whole family can help Batman fight the evildoers. Round up Catwoman, the Riddler, The Penguin, and even some less known villains  to rack up big points.

The Walking Dead | Stern

Stern made an awesome pinball machine for any fans of AMC’s popular The Walking Dead Series. This game is a gore-fest with blood and guts blowing up on the dot matrix display. The game was also popular due to its deep ruleset that made it approachable to new players while also drawing in seasoned pros.

The Simpsons Pinball Party | Stern

The Simpsons Pinball Party (TSPP) is a highly sought after game. It is a great game for families. It also helps you relive all the time you’ve spent watching episodes of Itchy and Scratchy. It’s got six different multiballs, many playfield toys, multiple levels, and even has 5 flippers. Stern pulled out all the stops with this one, as the sound and visuals are top notch as well.

South Park | Sega

South Park is a popular game, and it is the last game to be produced by Sega. Stern took over Sega’s pinball division after the release of this title. This game is definitely not family friendly, so adults only please. The language used and innuendo keeps it squarely in the realm of adult players. That said, it’s a very fun game with a very straightforward play style.

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