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Movie Pinball Machines

For some people, there is just something about the silver screen. There is something magical about going into a dark room and being whisked away on an adventure you could only see in fantasy.


Movies are that fantasy that allows people to see things and feel emotions that they wouldn't otherwise be able to. Playing a movie pinball machine can also be a way to relive the experiences of our favorite films.


Here are some of our favorite movie pinball machines


Willie Wonka | Jersey Jack

Jersey Jack showed us that they can make an AMAZING game with the Willy Wonka pinball machine. This game has a very deep ruleset that allows players to stack rules and modes on top of eachother  for big points. The theme itself is one of the reasons this is such a good game. But the way the incorporated all the children who won the Golden Tickets, as well as so many fun aspects of the film, makes this game a true gem.

Guardians of the Galaxy | Stern

When Guardians of the Galaxy first came out, it was a little rough. The aninations and game code we not all complete. But with updates, stern has been able to turn Guardians into an awesome game. It’s got shoutouts you’ll recognize from the film. There are different multiballs and even songs from the film. This fast paced game keeps the action alive as you’re playing. It’s sure to stay one of Stern’s better modern tables.

Ghostbusters | Stern

For many people, they say this is one of their favorite Stern tables. Your goal is to join the Ghostbusters in collecting as many ghosts as possible. Along the way, you get appearances from Slimer, The Stay-Puft Man, and a few others that you’ll recognize from the films.


For a few of Stern’s games, we recommend the Pro model over the Premium, but this is one that the Premium is the way to go. It has an added hologram screen, an under playfield wire ramp, and a few other bells and whistles that really make the purchase worth it.

Lord of the Rings | Stern

Many people consider The Lord of the Rings to be one of the absolute best pinball machines ever made. It has an insanely deep ruleset that has made this game much more than just a casual play. The layout looks simple and open, but it is done pretty awesome. There are many unique shots like the One Ring, the Balrog and the diverter for the Tower. There are plenty of narrow, unique shots in this game that make it a challenge while still accessible for new players.

Starship Troopers | Sega

Another great underrated pin from the 90's and definitely Sega's best effort. Unique rules and mini flipper integration along with some great toys and magnets. Call outs and music from the movie add to the atmosphere and are laugh out loud funny. Probably doesn't have the last ability of some other games of the era but for a quick bug blast you can't go wrong!

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