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For Sale Jurassic Park Premium Pinball machine. In Stock. $9499 Some distant shore line locations or remotes area may incur an additional charge and will notify customer. If you would like to talk to someone about this machine before purchasing please call us at 630-440-5190.


Stern has announced their newest pinball machine, Jurassic Park. It seems Revamps are the hit of the summer with Black Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean, and now Jurassic Park!


Data East originally released a title based on the film Jurassic Park in 1993, but now we have an up to date shooters pinball machine from Stern. The game was designed by Keith Elwin who also designed one of our Stern favorites, Iron Maiden.


While Iron Maiden is a great game for adults to enjoy, Jurassic Park is going to be great for families. Kids and adults alike know and love Jurassic Park, even if the children may have not seen the original yet. Now might be a great time to pick it up!


The Premium model of Jurassic Park features:

Jungle Explorer Vehicle - simple and fun mechanical toy


Molded T-Rex


Butyrate and wire electric fence


Butyrate raptor and target


Right shooter lane ½ pipe steel and wire ramp


Right spiral steel & wire ramp which feeds the upper flipper


Left T-Rex ramp


Left Raptor tower ½ pipe steel & wire ramp


Three up posts


Spitter spinning target


Butyrate helicopter blade


Three flippers


Three pop bumpers


Four multiballs


Musical score by John Williams




Why Chose Great American Pinball?

At Great American Pinball, we are dedicated to finding the best Pinball machines for our customers. This is why we have been a Stern Pinball authorized retailer. Great American Pinball believes that pinball should be accessible to all. We know that when you want a pinball machine, you want the very best. We want you to feel good about buying a new or used machine from Great American Pinball. This is why we go to great lengths to ensure every step of your purchase goes smoothly. We are not happy until you are happy.

Jurassic Park Premium Pinball Machine for sale | free shipping


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