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Genuine PinGuard™ Cabinet Protectors. 

PinGuard™ protectors work great on any directly printed, screened, or stenciled pinball machine cabinet to prevent leg damage to the cabinet or cover up existing damage due to a previous owner not being smart (or caring) enough to put them on.  PinGuard™ protectors are installed between the cabinet and the legs to prevent or cover up cabinet damage.  They are very easy to install, just place them between the cabinet and the legs and then bolt on the legs as normal.

Every time a player "nudges" your pinball machine to try to save a ball they are putting pressure where the legs meet the cabinet causing the legs to dig into the cabinet.  PinGuard™ protectors save you all the worry of any damage occurring to your cabinet while your "friends" push it around the room trying to save their ball.

PinGuard™ protectors are made out of polypropylene plastic. The advantages of polypropylene are:  
* Polypropylene has a slippery surface texture so they tend to slide instead of dig in. 
* Polypropylene is a softer plastic than most other plastics.  This prevents the PinGuard™ protectors from digging into the pinball cabinet.
* PinGuard™ protectors are molded with a slight radius edge.  This further prevents any digging into your pinball cabinet.
* PinGuard™ protectors are made from a new polished mold.  There are no seams on this mold and it will not harm your cabinet.

Sold in sets of 4 only.

Choose color from drop-down menu.

Pinball Machines with cabinet decals should have metal cabinet protectors installed so as to not wrinkle the decals.

Pinguard Cabinet Protectors

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