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We are taking a $500 deposit on pre orders for  Q1 2023. Due to supply chain issues  there could be delays , but your deposit will secure you a game in 2023. Price of Houdini is $7995 + $510 shipping.


Deluxe edition comes with shaker, knocker,side art, topper, knocker, magic glass and steampunk flippers


Great American Pinball is excited to announce we received the very first Houdini Pinball Machine out the door from American Pinball! We posted an unboxing on, and we are happy to post our features footage with gameplay. First impressions of this game are really good!


American Pinball knocked it out of the park with this machine. First, the build is super solid. This is a nice, heavy pinball machine that will surely hold up to even the most rough use. The sound and lighting is also second to none. Six stereo speakers drive the audio and give nice highs and lows. And the lighting on the playfield is almost entirely color changing LEDs. This easily highlights changes in rules and objectives. Don’t forget the two theatre spotlights just below the slingshots.


The Houdini pinball machine also has a few unique features. First there are the padlock and gear toys on each pop bumper. These are connected by chains and are really interesting to watch. There are also three separate magnets to control Houdini’s magic. These are prominently noticed when hitting the “magic” targets. As your ball passes Houdini’s hands, he will use his power to fling your ball in unpredictable ways! And a very fun feature of the Houdini pinball machine is the launch into Houdini’s steamer trunk. It’s over 20 inches!


The rule set of the Houdini pinball machine is sure to keep it fresh for many players as well. The machine has five different multiballs and ten different Stage Modes. The LCD screen in the API Theater Stage helps players along by giving directions and announcing game modes. Some of the more fun modes are the five different Jail Escape Hurry Ups and the five different Secret Mission Cobo Modes. There is also a Seance mode that can be activated to let your ball “come back from the dead.” You are given a chance to spell “Seance” and your drained ball will be considered live again. If you are unable to spell it within the limit, the game stops and you lose that ball. There is also a Seance multiball that is available during normal play after you spell the word “Seance” by shooting the targets for each letter. All in all, the rule of this pinball game are sure to keep experts on their toes while still being accessible to the novice player.


Again, the build on the Houdini pinball is great. It’s got a 15.6 inch LCD panel in the translight that us used in the Video Mode and to tell players which mode they are in and what objectives they should be playing for. American Pinball also included a custom powder coated set of cabinet armor. Everything about this game puts players into the time of Harry Houdini. From the chains, locks and keys, to the seance and planchette. American Pinball’s Houdini screams turn of the century nostalgia. It’s sure to be a big win for American Pinball and any pinball enthusiasts who can get their hands on the game!


From American Pinball:

Known as a masterful magician and Harry Houdini is considered the greatest magician, conjurer and escape artist that there ever was. Captivating audiences worldwide with his legendary escapes and shows was his specialty, the Houdini™ pinball will carry on that magical tradition as a beautiful crafted pinball machine featuring a one-of-a-kind pinball theater experience with an LCD color screen and patented cabinet.

“Houdini’s escapes, illusions and handcuff challenges are world renowned even today, and formulate the basis of our inventive new pinball machine,” said president of American-Pinball, Dhaval Vasani. “Our Houdini - Master Mystery pinball machine will bring the man back to life with supremely detailed hand-drawn game artwork, inventive ball tricks, brilliantly illuminated play surfaces and spirit devices while featuring all the classic pinball features like: action jet bumpers, multi level ball stages, sculpted magic toys, secret escapes and much more.”


Playfield Features:

  • Three Magnets
  • Two Catapults
  •  Magic Stage with Multiple Servos
  •  Mechanical Trunk
  •  Vertical Up Kicker & Super Vertical Up Kicker
  •  Up to 7 Ball Multiball

Rule Features:

  • 4 Multiballs
  • 4 Mini-Master Modes
  • 1 Master Magician Mode
  • 10 Illusion/Escape Modes
  • 5 Secret Mission Combos
  • 5 Houdini Movie Modes
  • 5 Jail Escape Hurry Ups
  • 1 Video Mode
  • Milkcan Playfield Multiplier

Cabinet Features:

  •  275 lbs. unboxed
  •  H 75″ x W 29″ x D 55″
  • 15″ Full Color LCD with 1360 x 768 resolution
  •  6 Stereo Speakers
  • Robust Pinwave Audio System
  •  RGB LED Enhanced Cabinet Head


Houdini pinball machine deposit | Deluxe Edition


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