Fathom Pinball machine, Mermaid Edition by Haggis Pinball.  The price listed for this product is the deposit only (non-refundable). The total price is $9000 plus $360 shipping, Plus duties / import taxes which will be determined after games have entered the US.. Game is being made Haggis pinball in Australia and will be imported to the US.


This Fathom Mermaid edition is sold out at Haggis and the only way to get one is through Great American Pinball.  We have 11 on order and first 5 will ship to us in the coming months.


Haggis Pinball, makers of the Celts pinball machine,    , introduces the first Haggis Classics machine FathomTM Revisited, the original released by Bally in 1981. Only 3500 FathomTM machines were produced making it a highly desirable pinball machine and the obvious first choice for Haggis Pinball to remake as part of their Haggis Classics series.

“There’s just so much to love about the FathomTM pinball machine it’s hard to pick just one great thing about it,” says Damian Hartin, CEO of Haggis Pinball. “I love the art from Greg Freres and the layout is fantastic with all the drop targets and challenging but rewarding gameplay. Not to mention the amazing sound effects and iconic callouts. It has always been one of my favourite solid-state pinball machines from this era and I cannot wait to show people how we have been able to remake it using modern technology whilst preserving the look and feel of the original game. Plus, we are making a special “Mermaid Edition” that truly enhances the original game with additional cosmetic features, lighting system, enhanced audio, and the ability to choose between the original rules or a completely new 2.0 ruleset.”

Remaking this classic game designed by Ward Pemberton (Goldeneye, Gilligan’s Island, Mousin’ Around, Riverboat Gambler) and renowned artist Greg Freres (Elvira’s House of Horrors, Star Trek, Scared Stiff, No Fear: Dangerous Sports), Haggis Pinball wants more people to experience the magic of solid-state games which will also complement any pinball collection.

Haggis Pinball will be using their enhanced playfield manufacturing process to prevent dimpling from everyday play as well as their extensive testing practices to ensure the game made today has the reliability pinball collectors and fans from around the world expect, so they can enjoy their games for years to come.

Fathom pinball machine Mermaid Edition | deposit only