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Oktoberfest Deluxe includes Shaker motor, Knocker, Magic Glass and Beer Stein.


Oktoberfest is the newest creation from American Pinball! Check out details below!


“Experience the world famous Oktoberfest, year round, with Pinball on Tap! Travel around the festival, visiting over a dozen tents and collecting steins for each. Relish in the thrill of the exciting rides, including the amazing Corkscrew roller coaster! Enjoy fantastic music, food, and drink to round out the ultimate Oktoberfest adventure.”



Multiple wireform ramps including the Awesome Corkscrew Rollercoaster, with twin loops and a Zig Zag

Rollercoaster Shack & Beer Barrel 3-ball lock mechanisms

RGB Lighting for both Feature Inserts and general playfield illumination

Otto the Bartender – Interactive target and ball lock assembly

our Magnets, two of which are player-controlled via MagNab cabinet button

Bottom button controls the MagNab


Ramp that raises and lowers




Playfield Design: Joe Balcer

Software Design: Josh Kugler, Joe Schober

Artwork: Jeff Busch

Animator: Ish Raneses

Music/Sound: Matt Kern

Project Engineer: Jim Thornton




Real Backglass


Custom Music

15″ Full Color LCD with 1366×768 resolution

6 Stereo Speakers plus 8″ Cabinet Subwoofer

275 lbs. unboxed

Oktoberfest Pinball Machine Deposit | Deluxe Edition

$8,295.00 Regular Price
$7,795.00Sale Price

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