2 left in stock more  in April May.   For a limited time, we are creating unique one of a kind custom Guardians of the Galaxy pro pinball machines made to order.  You will get a new in box Guardians with the custom honeycomb airbrushed armor.  Extra mods and accessoires can be purchased seperately and are listed below.  Some mods may not be avaliable at the time of purchase due to production, but we will work with our customers to build that unique custom machine that are not offered anywhere in the market.  Once you purchase the machine, we will send you a seperate email asking you what kind of mods you would like on your game and invoice you seperately for the mods and installation.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to build, repackage and ship your game!


Below are the additional mods that can be purchased!  

Topper - $650.00

Shaker motor $125.00

Skin blade - $80.00

Groot shooter rod - $150.00

Shooter rod plate - $ 50.00

Orange T-molding -  $50.00

Speaker Grill lights -$85.00

Ramp light Purple/Green $100.00

Kickout hole light $30.00

Tape Deck - $65.00

Groot Hands - $95.00

Milano Space Ship - $65.00

Ronan's Hammer - $75.00





Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball machine | Custom